Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Car hood reflection

An early sunny morning after a rainy night. Reflections generally work better when what is reflected is lit up by the sun. In this case the low sun lights up the building.
What I like about this shot is that in addition to the car and the building, there is a third "level", namely the water droplets.
Reflections are often best if the focus is set on the reflection and not on the object where it is reflected. Use one focus point. Do not leave the responsibility for focusing to the camera, that is your job.
See more pictures from the Hus og Bolig competition. 4.200 photos were entered into the competition. 100 was picked out for the final round. After the Gold, silver and Bronze awards, 15 images got a honorable Mention and this image was amongst them. On the list I counted at least four names from Oslo Kamera Klubb!

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