Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Pottery in Black & White

This picture is from my friends pottery, and I am working on a series to document her throwing process. I used only window light and a reflector which results in a highlights/shadows challenge.

Very proud to have achieved a Picture-of-the week award with an online photography magazine that has 700,000 unique visitors per week. Can't wait to get the canvas print home!

Here are the details from the black & white conversion, assuming you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

1) Shadows/highlights: I pulled the hightlights in to 17 but left the shadows at 0. (With Image->Mode: 16-bit, Layer->convert to smart filters, Image->Adjust

2) Levels adjustment layer, pulled the white bar in to 240

3) Black & White layer: R20, Y59, G41, C75, B23 and M36. I just pulled back and forth really until I liked the result

4) Sometimes I increase the contrast a bit with a layer but didn't here

5) Resize to 600 or 1000 px or an appropriate web size

6) Sharpen with High pass, approx 2-3. After Merge visible, Blending mode: soft light, Opacity maybe 80-90

7) Sharpen a little more with USM

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