Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I've been awfully quiet...

I am trying to put together a Blurb book and it is really more difficult than I thought. But I have been very inspired by Susan Hayre Thelwell.

Tonight we got the results from the spring competition in Oslo Kamera Klubb, and the image that I am using for the cover of my book won first place in one of the five categories. A pleasant surprise!
The image, and also the book, is called "Folk".

I also won a third place, and two of my other images were accepted so that is 4 out of 6 were awarded.

The images were as follows:

1st place:


3rd place:



"Rope Swing"

"Ice Skaters"


  1. Nydelig bilde det røde som vant første prisen. I det hele tatt flotte bilder.

    mvh Anne Kari

  2. Congratulations on winning the first prize!