Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Window Reflections

This is another mix of showroom dummies and shoppers. I try to find a street where the sun shines straight in. The sun should not be at an angle so that the shop window is lit, but it is okay if the shops across the street are lit up. I position myself so that the sun lights up the faces of the passers-by. In the top image this is not the case but it is in the second one - you can see the difference.

An additional bonus is when the manequins are lit by lamps so that they are well visible through the reflection.


  1. Morsomme bilder. Veldig fin komposisjon i det første.

  2. Tusen takk Stig. Ja det blir litt mer dybde og flere lead-in lines.

  3. Nice photos! They reminded me of the photos of Eugene Atget:

  4. Marc, DEFINITELY!
    Thank you for the link!