Monday, 12 July 2010

Location Scouting

I noticed this window earlier, but the light wasn't right. So I went back at a different time of day to see if the light would be better. But actually I need to come back on a Sunday when shops are closed and there should be no cars parked on the street. I hate all these cars that keep parking at interesting locations!

What I like to continue working on at this location is to wait for some more people to pass in the sun on the other side of the street, and also more people on this side of the street. The time span for the right light here could be less than an hour per day. If it is sunny, that is!

And I have to get that "Photographer Woman" out of the picture. :-)  On this side of the street there is a silhouette of a woman passing in the shade behind me. More of her kind, pleeease!!

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