Friday, 1 May 2009

Composing a landscape picture

A good landscape picture has something of interes in the foreground, middle and background. In my opinion a picture of a beautiful sunset alone is not a landscape picture. It's a snapshot. A good landscape picture needs to be composed carefully.

The rule of thirds suggest you put your horizon line a third from the bottom or a third from the top of your frame. The horizon needs to be straight.
The rock in the foreground is the "foreground interest" I think all landscape shots of this type should have. Foreground interest help creating depth.
The best landscape shots are taken at sunset or at dawn, to capture the low sun. A low sun adds a warmer tone to your picture. A sky with some clouds create more interest than a clear sky. Stay around after sunset, some of the best shots are taken up to half an hour after sunset.
A video tutorial on composition can be found here.

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