Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Motion Blur

Sports pictures are often taken with a fast shutter speed of, say, 1/1000 seconds to freeze the action. This is what will happen if you use the Sports Mode on your camera.

An alternative is to use a slow shutter speed and to follow the moving person or object with the camera. This is calle panning.

Set your camera to Shutter Priority (Tv) and 1/30 second. Choose a single focus point and place it on the head of the subject. Also select a muliple shots setting, and AI Servo so that the camera will refocus for each shot.

Place your feet in the same direction as the object is headed, turn back towards the subject. Pin your elbows to your body and fire away. Concentrate on fixating the focus point on the persons head while you turn.

Cyclists are easier objects for practicing than for example a jogger, as the cyclist only have movement in one direction.
If it is difficult for the camera to refocus you could alternatively choose a point where you know your object will pass, and then switch to manual mode.

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