Friday, 18 September 2009

It's all about balancing the light

The buddha is placed inside the window of a shop, and the building is behind me but reflected in the window.

With reflections it is all about balancing the light between two or more planes in the image. I had been waiting for the sun to light up the building in the background - so that I could get both buddha and building in the same shot but it turned out that the building became so bright that the buddha disappeared.

The light for this shot fell in place when the sun was shining on the same wall as the buddha. The sun was a bit low so the windows on the "buddha side" reflected the sunlight onto the opposite building. This "halfway" light turned out to be the best match with Mr. Buddha.

The inspiration for this picture was the Buddha Project at Lensculture. So if you have a local Buddha of your own I dare you to submit it. :-)
Choosing a different angle creates a completely different image:

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