Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Summing up POTY 2009 in Oslo Kamera Klubb

The longest lasting challenge of the year is the weekly submissions to the "Photographer of the Week" contest in the camera club. There are two categories - digital and paper.
The competition ended yesterday and I landed a second place in the digital category. 13 points, just one point below Roy who won with 14 points.  I love the exitement!

These are my awarded images (from both categories).

January 5th: "Doors" - 3rd

January 13th: "Water" - 2nd

Jan 27nd: "Under-Over-From Behind" - 3rd

February 2nd: "Triptych" - 2nd

February 16th: "Square" - 3rd

September 14th: "Stone" - 3rd

September 21st: "Style" - 1st

October 12th: "Texture" - 3rd

October 20th: (No subject) 2nd

November 3rd: "Reflection" - 1st

December 1st: "Portrait" - 2nd


  1. muy bellas, me gusta mucho tu fotografia, un saludo

  2. Muchas gracias, Manuel y Stig Børre. :-)