Monday, 7 December 2009

Autumn Competition Results in Oslo Kamera Klubb

"Homeward Bound"



"Beach House"

All my collections were awarded so pretty pleased with that. :-)
I came in first and third in the digital category with the quadtych and pent-tych (?), called Homeward Bound and Dream.

In the print category I came in third with Cones and got an accepted award for Beach House. Accepted is a shared fourth place.

The images in Homeward Bound are all shot in the area Vika in Oslo. The Dream images are from an island with a lighthouse, on the Swedish west coast. Cones is all images from my grandparents house in Vesterålen, close to Lofoten in the north of Norway. The house has not been touched since my grandfather died in 1974, but the interior was done by my parents in 1959. Finally, the Beach House images are from an excursion with Oslo Kamera Klubb to Nesodden by Oslo in august.

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