Sunday, 27 December 2009

Annual Report 2009

A summary of my photographic journey in 2009.

The photographic year started for me with a one-day exhibition in Shoe Lounge, on their Gallerisøndag arrangement.
March continued with my image The Cone Heads are Coming printed in Digital SLR Photography.
The image Spray Painting came in second in Picture of the Month at Foto in Norway.

In april I participated in a fashion & make-up shoot that was a combined project between Oslo Make-up Artist School and Oslo Kamera Klubb.

Oslo Kamera Klubb awarded four of my images Accepted in their spring competition. The images were Vikagutt, Jump, Spray Painting and a series based on The Cone Heads images.

The Norwegian Photographic Society also has an annual spring competition, with participants from all the camera clubs in Norway. Vikagutt was awarded a Silver Award. Jump got a Highly Commended Award while Autumn of Life, Spray Painting and On the Tram were Accepted. I was the highest scoring participant from OKK,  and became no. 6 in the competition.

In June I received a Highly Commended Award from Ephotozine Magazine for one of my pottery images.

In July another of my images from the pottery obtained an Editors Choice Award and later Picture of the Week Award on Ephotozine again.

In September my image Summer’s End obtained the Picture of the Week Award in Oslo Kamera Klubb. My images Jump! and Skateboarders were discussed on David duChemins "Within the Frame" podcasts on, episode 14 and 16.

In October I participated with Jump! on the Norwegian national team represented in the biennale in Indonesia. Norway came in 7th and my image was one of the three highest scoring Norwegian contributions with 18 points each.
My image The Old Sailor was printed in a theatre brochure in Berlin.
I started working with a famous shoe shop in Oslo, shooting for their web pages.
At the end of the month the annual Oslo Kamera Klubb autumn exhibition opened and I participated with two images.

In November my image Anna and the Eternity obtained a Picture of the Week Award in Oslo Kamera Klubb.
The results from the autumn competition in The Norwegian Photographic Society were announced, and my image Kindergarten was accepted.

In December the OKK Photographer of the Year was also announced, and in the digital class I came in 2nd - just one point after the winner.
Oslo Kamera Klubb also announced the winners of their autumn competition. All my four entered collections were awarded. 1st price for Homeward Bound, 3rd price for Dream and Cones and finally Beach House was accepted.

- - - - - -

To sum it up I would say the highlights of 2009 were the silver medal in the national competition in the spring and the 1st place in the club competition in the autumn.

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