Sunday, 20 December 2009

A Quiet Day at Hukodden

Oslos most crowded beach in the summertime but blissfully quiet in the winter. I've done lots of landscape photography in this area when I first seriously took up photography two years ago. I do like a little life in the landscape. Next time I'll bring some bread for the swans instead of pretending to.

In lanscape shots try to avoid placing the horizon in the middle of the image. It usually works better if it is one third from the top or one third from the bottom of the image. According to the rule-of-thirds. And according to me :-)


  1. eli ...

    i'm really pleased I discovered your work. if i had the opportunity to photograph anywhere in the world, it's places like you show that i'd be travelling to, especially Oslo.


  2. Thank you, Mark! I don't have a car so I try to make the most of the local opportunities :-)