Sunday, 11 October 2009

After and Before - Vignette and Split Toning

A little fun in Photoshop!

I straightened the horizon and cropped the image to a square format.

One composition rule says that if people are walking from the left to the right in the frame they are perceived to be on their way to something. If they are walking from the right to the left, they are perceived to be on their way back from something. So I flipped the image horsontally, which I felt "opened up" the scene a bit more.

As you can see, the scene was already a bit underexposed to get details in the sky. I had not used a ND grad filter. I added a level adjustment layer for the foreground to get some detail back.

General level adjustment layers and a curves layer. Then a little dodge and burn to bring out details.

I added a vignette which I reduced to 65% and converted the image to black & white. Then I added a gradient map with a split toning preset that was a bit too strong so I reduced the opacity to 70%.


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